Lab Mini Mill

Applications of Lab Mini Mill LHE:
Lab mini mill, a kind of laboratory grinding equipment, is regularly used for grinding small quantity materials. It is popular in powder research fields and scientific researching area for developing new products, etc.

Features of Lab Mini Mill LHE:
1. Rotary drum structure enables convenient material feeding and discharging.
2. Grinding chamber and rotary drum is integrated together, so this grinding mill is suitable for cyclic material grinding.
3. Tiny grinding balls can be used as grinding medium.
4. Stepless speed control for grinding rotors: as a result, the materials can be ground into sub-nanometer size.
5. Long service life: the wearing parts in grinding chambers are all made of high wear-resistance ceramic materials.
6. Good experimental data reproducibility.
7. Easy clean for its stainless steel machine frame.
8. Auto control for the laboratory mill guaranteed a simple operation.

Parameters of Lab Mini Mill LHE:
Grinding mill model LHE-10
Motor power/voltage 0.55kw/220V
Rotational speed 1500 - 3000r/min
Grinding capacity (each time) 250 - 500g

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